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Our direction

Business strategy

The driving force behind the growth of Apator Group

will be the development of existing businesses and the expansion of the product portfolio towards technologically advanced solutions for energy utility management, including smart solutions and systems for active management of distribution networks.


Closer to Innovation
  • Development of new generation metering devices with electronic - static measurement and multi-energy solutions
  • Development of solutions and services - implementation and maintenance of supervision and metering systems as well as predictive management of network assets
  • Development of smart metering, billing services, IoT technology, systems for reading and managing measurement data based on modern communication technologies
Closer to the Customer
  • We are always close to the customer
  • We help save and manage utilities and energy
  • Our systems are easy to implement and operate
  • We are a trusted partner
  • We are experts at what we do
Closer means Effective
  • Further improvement of operational efficiency through extensive automation and robotization of production processes
  • Optimization of the Group and further development of common functions
  • Development of resources and improvement of group competences


Apator Group operates within three business segments:


Maintaining a strong position on the domestic market
Increase in shares of strategic markets

(Germany, Central and Eastern Europe)

Taking advantage of sales opportunities on other markets

Apator Group in the perspective of the coming years foresees a significant increase in the value of sales to foreign markets and maintaining a high share of exports in total sales (over 50%). Apator consistently diversifies export markets and increases the share of export in total sales.

The main direction of sales of the Group's products and solutions remains the European Union (with the dominant role of the British, Dutch, German, Belgian and Czech markets). Apator Group's solutions are also delivered to more distant regions of the world (South America, Africa and the Middle East).


  • Electricity providers/distribution system operators
  • Electricity wholesalers, electrical installation companies, design engineers
  • Construction, manufacturing, raliways
  • New clients operating in the RES sector
Water & Heat

A wide range of clientele: 

  • Water and sewage companies
  • Thermal energy companies, housing cooperatives
  • Construction, manufacturing
  • Institutional clients and gas companies


Apator Group Business Strategy

The energy and gas sectors, as well as the water and sewage industry - and therefore all areas in which the companies of Apator Group operate - have undergone profound development and technological transformation in recent times. Our experts not only closely monitor the market and anticipate new trends, but also meet them, responding to the ongoing processes of decentralization, digitization and decarbonization of the sector. We implement modern solutions based on innovative IoT technologies and provide tools to improve energy efficiency for better, more responsible use of the Earth's energy resources.